What about the goalkeeper?

Goalkeeping, as it relates to the adult version of soccer, requires a combination of skill, athleticism, and decision making.

A Futsal goalkeeper learns all these things in the game of Futsal with the added advantage that he learns to react faster because the ball moves faster, and he gets more involvement in the game since they are more shots on goal.


  • Goalkeepers must be field players first. Prior to specializing as goalkeepers, children must learn the broader parameters of “play”. This is difficult to do when they hide beneath the crossbar. Goalkeepers must also learn intuition and anticipation from moving in and playing the game of Futsal.
  • Goalkeepers must possess field playing skill. This is particularly true since the laws governing the 11 v. 11 game require the goalkeeper to play as a field player, without the use of their hands, at certain times of the game.